Uprooting Civilization (Part 1)

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I have a great fear. It has been with me for years now, haunting the background to my thoughts. This fear surmounts climate change, deforestation, peak oil, global pandemic, soil depletion, indeed any worry that any reasonable person might keep at the very top of their worry-tree. It surmounts, but also encompasses these things, and more.

And it’s such a simple question that caused this worry. So simple that at first there doesn’t seem anything to fear from it at all, until you take a much closer look at its implications.

“Are humans naturally civilized?”

I want to look away from those words, because my fear is that the answer is “yes”, that we were always going to end up this way and there is nothing we can do about it.

Does This Matter?

If you are civilized and have never known any different, it’s possible – though I struggle…

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Another brilliant essay from tdOs on Pray for Calamity.

Pray for Calamity

Streams of sunlight find every break in the tree canopy and beam downward, electrifying the dry leaf litter that covers the ground. Our steps are slow. My daughter is twenty five pounds and the hiking pack I carry her in is probably another five which makes the up and down slopes a significant physical endeavor. Staring always at the ground near my feet, the grays and browns flecked with green and lavender make a Renoir of the forest floor, and somewhere in that morass of color there are morel mushrooms. There must be.

We take a break on a shady hillside and my daughter walks about learning the world with her mother close behind. Bear cone sprouts in abundance from nearby oak roots tricking my eye for a quick moment, making me think I have stumbled onto a mushroom bonanza. Early settlers called it Squaw Root due to the fact…

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Filling the Void

An absolutely brilliant piece.
The European world view is indeed a mental illness.
One needs not look far to see it either.
Thank you TdOs.

Pray for Calamity

The flue damper drops with an iron clang that reverberates through the kitchen. At three hundred square feet, the straw bale cabin we are currently living in heats easily with the old wood stove. I pile the belly of the steel box high with oak so my lady and our daughter can return to a warm home. Plodding through the snow in my knee high boots, I head out to start my Cherokee. It fights me when temperatures are below freezing, and convincing the engine to turn over requires patience and a handful of tricks, including occasionally popping the hood and manually pumping some gas at the fuel rail. This is not a process I enjoy, and I have been researching a solution for a couple of weeks now. It would seem that a new fuel pump and assembly are in order. Last week found me replacing degraded “O” rings…

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Invasion day



Here we are on the 26th January, so called Australia Day.

It’s a public holiday so the descendants of the invaders can partake in the frivolous honouring of the landing of deluded imbecilic fools on wooden ships from the other side of the planet 228 years ago. Incapable of critical thinking the zombie’s spend the day having BBQ’s, drinking beer and inane conversations about themselves. The programmed fallacy of human progress is ingrained in their psyches and little can change that. The population in mainstream society live in a vacuum of ignorance and arrogance with little to no compassion for the plight of the aboriginal culture.  The indigenous culture has always been a thorn in the side of the industrial culture and it’s total conquest of nature.So the great Australian dream continues but excludes the first Australians by it’s very wording and the date it falls on.

After 228 years of celebrating the industrial culture of death in this country it will soon face its decay and demise as the global industrial death machine grinds slowly to its end. A culture that won’t see 300 years old in this country will still presume itself superior, even in its dying days, to a culture that lived here in peace and connection to the earth for at least 40000 years.

Such contradiction is hard to find except in the minds of the indoctrinated……………………………………..

The Twilight of Our Tale: Part Two

Pray for Calamity

Part 2

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.

-Kurt Vonnegut

Daffodils have thrust their green blades through the warming soil, and despite the softly falling sleet tapping on the still barren branches in the forest all around me, spring is here to stay. With spring came the thaw, and last week my gravel driveway was subsumed by the clay Earth under the weight of my truck. Life lessons are everywhere if we listen. Watching hundreds of dollars worth of heavy limestone sink into mud tells me something about man and his works, about diminishing returns, entropy, and desire.  It also tells me that if we had no capacity for laughter, we would likely have all died long ago.

This is going to be a year of stone for me. A friend helped me acquire many tons…

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The Twilight of Our Tale: Part One

Pray for Calamity

Part 1

“Protect your spirit, for we are in the place where spirits get eaten.”

John Trudell

Spring is moving in quickly, more quickly than I might necessarily want. My arms are worn enough to keep me from complaining about the break from hauling and splitting firewood, and sleeping the night through instead of waking up at three a.m. to stoke the embers and add more fuel to the stove is a welcome respite. I am quite concerned however, that the season for collecting maple sap may be cut abruptly short. For the best syrup season, night time temperatures need to drop below freezing, and day time temperatures need to rise to just shy of forty degrees Fahrenheit. A week ago, nights were just above zero and days didn’t creep past twenty. This week, nighttime lows hover in the high thirties and the days are approaching sixty. Of course…

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