Alien Heart

Once again Australia day rolls around where European Australians celebrate the arrival of the culture of decimation and genocide. There will be parades, flag waving, televised sport and BBQ’s to celebrate the unsustainable legacy of civilization and the even more destructive industrial civilization.

The mass of Europeans arrived under the Union Jack in Sydney on the 26th January 1788 and from there this island continent has had unleashed upon it a wave of cultural and environmental destruction that continues to this day. The vehement hatred or at its best, apathy of European Australians to the Aboriginal Australians runs strong even to this day as a river of supposed superiority over the First Nations people and indeed all of nature. The fact that few even blink an eye as the country is dug up and sent overseas as “resources” says volumes about the values of the population and the indoctrination of its inhabitants.
A few wise souls see the destruction and the cultural annihilation and seek to change the situation but mostly whilst still believing in the status quo and the values of the dominant paradigm.
Very few see this culture for what it really is, an abomination and those who do will cringe at the whole absurd and abysmal spectacle.
On Thursday the patriotic and deluded will revel on a public holiday that celebrates a holocaust, where they can get drunk and wallow in the excess that cheap energy has afforded them and dwell in even deeper denial than they normally do.

I live witness everyday to the freak show and find myself immersed in the spirit of the land in a way that appears vacant in the hearts of the zombies…………………… I feel alone…………………………………
I’m of European descent yet feel a far deeper kinship to the First Nation people than I do to those around me who speak, live and wallow in ecstasy in the alienated, trivial and frivolous ideals of the western worldview that holds this continent in a straitjacket of murderous intent and extreme denial.

Everywhere I look the sacred is drowned in a thick soup of apathy or villainous greed and hatred stirs with a simmering malevolence just below the surface of the majority.

So I wander through my days with a heart filled with the sacred among a population with hearts devoid of anything but the vacuous beliefs and desires of western industrial culture.

I mourn with the First Nation people of this land on the 26th of January…………………….


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