Filling the Void

An absolutely brilliant piece.
The European world view is indeed a mental illness.
One needs not look far to see it either.
Thank you TdOs.

Pray for Calamity

The flue damper drops with an iron clang that reverberates through the kitchen. At three hundred square feet, the straw bale cabin we are currently living in heats easily with the old wood stove. I pile the belly of the steel box high with oak so my lady and our daughter can return to a warm home. Plodding through the snow in my knee high boots, I head out to start my Cherokee. It fights me when temperatures are below freezing, and convincing the engine to turn over requires patience and a handful of tricks, including occasionally popping the hood and manually pumping some gas at the fuel rail. This is not a process I enjoy, and I have been researching a solution for a couple of weeks now. It would seem that a new fuel pump and assembly are in order. Last week found me replacing degraded “O” rings…

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1 thought on “Filling the Void”

  1. So which part moved you to tears, someone firmly entrenched in BAU lamenting living in the woods with his baby’s momma who can barely keep a Jeep running in cold weather, or the idea that a former Texas politician named John Duffy has sunk to this level in a society that should appreciate his skills? Not knowing what those are of course, other than he sounds like he doesn’t mind working quite a bit.


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