Invasion day


Here we are on the 26th January, so called Australia Day.

It’s a public holiday so the descendants of the invaders can partake in the frivolous honouring of the landing of deluded imbecilic fools on wooden ships from the other side of the planet 228 years ago. Incapable of critical thinking the zombie’s spend the day having BBQ’s, drinking beer and inane conversations about themselves. The programmed fallacy of human progress is ingrained in their psyches and little can change that. The population in mainstream society live in a vacuum of ignorance and arrogance with little to no compassion for the plight of the aboriginal culture.  The indigenous culture has always been a thorn in the side of the industrial culture and it’s total conquest of nature.So the great Australian dream continues but excludes the first Australians by it’s very wording and the date it falls on.

After 228 years of celebrating the industrial culture of death in this country it will soon face its decay and demise as the global industrial death machine grinds slowly to its end. A culture that won’t see 300 years old in this country will still presume itself superior, even in its dying days, to a culture that lived here in peace and connection to the earth for at least 40000 years.

Such contradiction is hard to find except in the minds of the indoctrinated……………………………………..


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