Sometimes a stark reality can be confronting in ones life. Sometimes this confrontation can give one a reinforced clarity upon the layers already existing in ones heart and so it was when I visited Coranderrk Aboriginal cemetery in Victoria. Coranderrk was an Aboriginal reserve set up by the government in 1863 to provide land for the Aboriginals that had their land stolen by the European invaders. This reserve was closed in 1924 and many were relocated to Lake Tyers on the south coast although some of them refused to move.

There is more detailed information available on Coranderrk and I don’t wish to delve into the nuts and bolts of its history here but rather dive into the historical significance of it. As mentioned Coranderrk was formed to put people who’d had their land stolen somewhere so farmers could take over their land. Which ever way one looks at it it comes down to one thing and that is a nature disconnected culture usurping the sanctity of a culture that has existed for thousands of years in a deep sacred connection to the Universe. Their culture is one of being part of creation living in total harmony and balance with nature. It’s a culture rich in symbolism that reaches from heart to Universe and the Universe to heart. Their lives dwelt deeply in the country which is something the invading culture simply couldn’t understand and, sadly, even to this day fails to fully understand.

The Europeans culture was a death cult empire and remains so to this day. This cult soon spread like an all consuming cancer over the land and called itself progress. This erroneous notion of progress is what drove the cult and has done so ever since, poisoning the minds of the young as they are born into its sick tentacles of deception and despair. One needn’t look far to see the results of its sick twisted psychology.There is nothing out of bounds for this culture.                                                             Even landing spaceships on a comet and searching for minerals in places never before accessible give new glows of greed in the bankers eyes and the drooling fantasies of the crazed hooked on the insanity of the ever upward projection of human progress. If anything stands in their way they begin to claw for the alternative energy craze, anything to keep their demented insatiable greed and blood lust for supreme domination of the Universe going. Alternative energies are but an extension of fossil fuels and the same mentally of domination underlies the alternative fuels and energy landscape as it does for the fossil fuel landscape………………two branches of the same tree.

Neither question the culture from which the destruction of life on earth is caused which in turn means nothing can change until the psychologically dysfunctional society we live in reconnects to the source of it’s true being, its true identity, simpler more wholesome, less consumptive and more nature connected lives, something indigenous cultures have always known………………………………………


3 thoughts on “Coranderrk”

  1. Excellent blog detailing what I refer now to as the Great unraveling. We face the perfect storm of economic and biological collapse and with the growing evidence of enormous methane hydrates being released in both the Arctic and Antarctic and the crossing of innumerable tipping points we are now looking at mass extinction events of all species including humans in the coming years or possibly as long as 2 decades although I doubt it. Professor Guy McPherson has been predicting this for many years now and it is rapidly coming to pass. Professor McPherson will be touring Europe next month, details here;
    When extinction beckons only love remains.

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