Mask of Delusion

As this culture turns its collective back on reality, even as the scientific community and the open visible reality of the situation exposes itself, it sinks ever further into a quagmire that becomes more and more difficult to extricate itself from. I don’t believe there will be a shift in consciousness from a nature alienated reality to a nature embracing reality simply because of the deep seated indoctrination and the sheer numbers of people caught up in this mass delusion. It’s an almost global phenomenon that has condemned even the most placid and willing hearts to be fooled by a belief system that elevates humanity to a place above and separate from nature and it’s from this basis that it will fail and collapse. Any culture that refuses , can’t or won’t embrace a connection to nature , the reality of our very existence, is doomed to eventually collapse and this we are witnessing every single day as the collapse of industrial civilization gains pace.

I don’t believe that the collapse can be halted now nor reversed. All the mad rhetoric by politicians of all political persuasion are but hollow words, empty promises attempting to keep afloat something that’s full of holes. As it fails the ever screeching voices of the centralized alternative energy crowd become ever more shrill with nothing to show but empty showrooms of new ideas designed to keep the destruction of industrialism going and thus allow the plunder of the planet to continue. The advocacy for alternative energies, whilst an admirable ideal masks the fact that it is essentially an extension of the very psychology that has led and continues to lead us into the sixth extinction of life on earth.

There is a warped deeply ingrained psychology within industrial civilization that this form of society is worth preserving at all costs no matter what detriment or death it brings to other cultures or non-humans who also inhabit this magnificent planet. It’s a suicide mission that few of its inhabitants within the culture can see. Most people would never question what is going on around them as long as the television still placates them with hours of tedious reality shows, shopping channels and sport, such is the power of mass delusion and conditioning. The masses wear a mask of delusion to hide from reality. This delusion is forced into our minds as children and it stays with most of us until the air receives our last breath.

I begin to wonder then, is this culture really worth saving? Has industrialism really been able to offer all that it promises with all it’s forever upward progress, glittery lights and amazing technological rhetoric? I believe this disconnected society has manifested more ills than gains. Pharmaceutical corporations make a killing, literally on keeping the population drugged up and psychiatric institutions are forever waiting in the wings to mop up those who are unable to cope in a dysfunctional culture and are treated by people who are dysfunctional themselves, trapped in a mindset totally divorced from their own reality. It’s akin to clearing a mine field by laying more mines. It’s little wonder then that suicide runs rampant throughout western culture, a culture that the corporations and politicians say should make them happy with their lives. Youth suicide is disturbingly high as if the young see no future in carrying on, no light at the end of their tunnel? I can’t speak on their behalf, all I can do is speculate, however if this culture is indeed, as it believes and continues to shout from its ivory towers that it’s a culture of ever upward progress for all then why is impaired mental health, mass addictions and suicide so rampant in it?


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