A culture out of touch

I admit to being at odds with mainstream society that’s obsessed with the trappings of a culture that makes them feel special and divorces them from reality. I have for a long time seen just how alienated and increasingly dangerous the way this culture thinks and acts is and I admit to being mystified as to why so few people can see with open honest eyes and hearts how truly tragic and horrific the whole cult of industrial empire really is……………………………………………………………..

If one looks at any one given point in time in isolation from the rest it can be seen as just that, a “point in time” and only that. However when you join the points in time in a progression a pattern emerges and in the case of civilization it’s a haunting pattern. It’s a pattern of domination and death of nature and any culture that stands in the way of its insatiable appetite. It can only expand and in doing so transforms a vibrant living planet into one of death, hollowness, bleakness and misery. It promises everything but has nothing real to offer. All it ends up delivering are shiny neon lights, shopping malls and a cupboard full of psychological drugs to allow us to function in such a deranged setting. Everywhere it goes it brings darkness, misery and ultimately death. The majority believe in it’s propaganda as they’ve been brainwashed from birth.

Every day that the sun ascends to a still functioning industrial culture is another day that humanity divorces itself further from nature and this can be seen as it descends into ever more grotesque and narcissistic adventures. One only has to have a casual glance at a television screen to see how totally obsessed the culture is with the sense of its own self importance. It’s an obscenity and a fatalistic obsession with its own self that has given rise to most of the psychological sicknesses it experiences and it’s the environment this sickness has manifested that has given rise to many of the physical sicknesses it experiences.

It’s a culture that speaks only to itself, about itself and in advocacy of itself. It has all the marks of being a cult of massive, almost global proportions that has indoctrinated most of the worlds population. A few pockets of enlightened people along with equally enlightened indigenous cultures see this culture for what it is but sadly the majority are fooled by the neon lights and the seemingly never ending technological inventions. As the collapse gains speed they will still be there clinging to their shiny phones……………………………………………….


1 thought on “A culture out of touch”

  1. Personally i’ve known this for a long time and came to the conclusion that our design by nature has only given us a very short time on this rock and their is absolutely nothing that will save us, its written into the book of books that man shall
    destroy himself by his own means. I can only think that we are some kind of genetic
    experiment being carried out by the creator.

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